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First Class Management Coaching, Training and Learning for everyone, for much less!


More than ever, managers, supervisors and team leaders - new and old - need to be smart.

They need the savvy that experience brings, using all the tools and tactics to get them to success - and fast.

How would it be if, instead of those incredibly expensive training programs for the few, the door to success suddenly opened to every one of those aspiring hungry people managers?

And how would it be if the management experiences of a lifetime could be shared in an easily accessed program that shares the most important and - critically - the most productive bits, fast? 

The Super Successful Manager!™ Program is, at last, the program you've been waiting for.

A structured, simple, weekly 'Lesson' easily incorporated in the day job, learning by doing, with easy-to-use activities, designed for success.

This e-mailed program, provides an activity-based 'Lesson' every week, tailored to be read in a single sitting (no more than an hour - often much less!), with quick to apply assignments and worksheets to get results quickly and easily.

It's as simple as that - 52 weekly lessons, all for a nominal monthly sum as low as £1.00 per participant, per month, for just 12 months.

Here's a little more of the detail, just to help you see the possibilities:-

  • The insightful value of 25+ years sharp-end management experience
  • The opportunity to learn on the job (regarded by training research as the most effective)
  • Bite sized chunks of learning that suit the needs of any workplace - any business - where you need excellent management
  • Coaching expertize, where we have coached managers one-to-one (at one-to-one cost too!) for thousands of hours, getting the development for a fraction of the cost
  • Easy to apply assignments, helped by simple, searching and challenging worksheets - over 100 of them over the Program - all downloadable as Word .doc (excellent for evidence!)
  • Anecdotes and experiences that really happened, to make the learning much more relevant and palatable too
  • Many changes to what you do right now are tiny, so you can start using them within minutes of reading them
  • A few other little bonuses that you'll need to wait for...

What do we cover? Pretty much everything that you might need and very little of the stuff that wastes your time.

Well, here's a selection...

  • Managing Meetings - All you need in Lesson 37 
  • Coaching (in one Lesson!) - Lesson 11 covers this! 
  • Self Management - Core requirement, so it's in Lesson 3 
  • Feedback - You'll find it in Lesson 16 
  • Managing Performance - Easy! in Lesson 31 
  • Project Management (for managers!) - Lesson 42 
  • Relationship Building - An early priority - Lesson 6 
  • Two Little Words - Amazing uses, in Lesson 26 
  • Team Building - Big topic, sorted in Lesson 43 
  • Succession Planning - What's this? In Lesson 34 
  • Team Standards - A 'must have', so go to Lesson 32 
  • Career Development - Very productive indeed! Lesson 48 
  • Leveraging Time (Parts 1 & 2) - Lessons 8 (and 9!) 
  • Realising Potential - Valuable! Lesson 19 (and 20!) 
  • Accepting Help - A real win-win from Lesson 24 
  • Fun - Work needs to be, find it in Lesson 51 
  • More than Employee Satisfaction - How? Lesson 44! 
  • Difficult People - Sort them out with Lesson 49 
  • Client and Customer Relationships - Magic! Lesson 17 
  • Managing Change - Vital! And fully covered in Lesson 41 
  • Valuing Differences - A total 'must have' - Lesson 18 

That's a hint about what's in more than 20 of the Lessons.

Have we only chosen the best to share with you?

Well, not exactly. In the rest of the Lessons, some of them are the quirky sort that would be hard to describe, yet often are very, very simple little tactics that will make incredible differences to any manager's capabilities.

Let's pick out  Lesson 23 for you as an example then. You can download this as a free trial, (in the Program, we give you a replacement Lesson 23a, to compensate!).

Lesson 23 is all about the value of changing something tiny in what you do  and the incredible benefits that it can bring, some of which you will find, uniquely, only here!

Super Successful Manager! Free Trial!

Many of the Lessons that are in the Program are about some tiny, yet meticulous detail that will prove very, very useful indeed when it's applied (and how easy that is!). So, try us out, take us for a spin with the free trial above.

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If you're using this program on your own - well done for taking the initiative and click Single-User pricing.

Where you have additional questions, there's a link to Frequently Asked Questions here.

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