Management Development for Your
Corporate Managers,
Supervisors and Team Leaders
Just Got Much Easier!

First Class Management Coaching, Training and Learning  - at an Amazing price!

How much does a day of expert training cost? 

Well into the thousands a day or more (whatever your currency!), is not uncommon, especially when you take into account participant travel and time off the job, venue rental, lunch and refreshments etc.

And how many of your most important people does this offer training to, even then?

You'll be lucky to get a trainer to handle more than 16 (20 as a real max. and then they'll struggle!).

What about a Program that will deliver 4 lessons a month, for the same price as a typical one-day training session, for hundreds or even thousands  of your most precious people - your people managers?

Those people who may themselves influence the performance of 10, 20, 100 or even more individuals in their teams!

Here's the deal.

Large Group Licences
from just £1.00*
per Participant per Month!

...for 12 months - 52 Lessons - by e-mail, once a week, for 100 or more of your managers, or 'managers-to-be' at any one time. They can join up anytime they like and with monthly feedback reviews built into the Program, they can provide evidence of their progress as they go.

Packages of Group Licences are available for 100, 500, 1,000, 5,000 and 10,000 of your supervisors, managers and team leaders - and those who are in training too, in fact anyone who could benefit can be involved!

Can you imagine how much value this creates, for the cost of just one training day (for the fortunate few) each month? It could be the most cost-effective training purchase ever!

In fact, if you are buying training services, just imagine the value  you get, simply by buying this program and making it available to your managers!

At this rate, you can afford to use it with 'bubbling-unders', preparing them ahead of time with all the management skills they could ever need, giving you immediate, trained and developed candidates as soon as management positions open up!

Look, we can deliver all this face to face if you like, at a cost similar to that above, to a much smaller audience of managers - just the once!

When we do it by e-mail, automatically, you get the savings and we get a fee that reflects the value of the program to you.

It's as simple as that.

Get in touch now, to set up the arrangements you need to have the Program available for your people as soon as possible.

Super Successful Manager! Contact

If you aren't above a hundred, click here for a special deal just right for Small and Medium businesses. If you are an Single-User, seeking your own personal management and leadership development, click here, for the costs less than a cup or two of coffee a week, Super Successful Manager!™ is all yours!

*Other currencies at an agreed rate based on the £ rate at the time of sign-up

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