Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Super Successful Manager!™ program for new or experienced managers?

The program is perfect for all levels of manager. From those ready to take that giant leap into supervision and management for the first time, through young and inexperienced managers finding their feet, right up to those who are experienced and yet yearn to learn more and develop their skills.

In fact there will be a blend of refreshing the basics, to sharing the most precise and we reckon, never before exposed tactics of management - all in easy weekly lessons!

2. Does this work for any workplace environment?

Yes. Yes. And Yes Again! The skills and secrets shared with you here are completely transferable, whether you are leading a team of wildcatters on the Siberian Tundra, or managing a bunch of financial whizz-kids on the NYSE.

The skills will set you up in retail; manufacturing and public as well as not-for-profit sectors. In fact anything and anywhere that people need to be managed dynamically, profitably and successfully!

These tactics work in a wide range of industries and the skills in Super Successful Manager!™ are timeless, as well as for anywhere.

Own a small business? Well, there's no-one out there holding your hand in how you manager your people - so this program is just perf3ect for you!

3. Are there any "hidden costs" in addition to my membership fees?

No! The monthly fee does it for you.

There will be book reviews, which you'll need to make a call on if you want to get a copy for yourself off Amazon (Marketplace is better!), but to be honest, Super Successful Manager!™ is more than enough to get on with for the time being.

There may be other free items that will only enhance the very comprehensive Super Successful Manager!™ membership.

4. Does my membership include personal coaching?

You know, it doesn't.

Mainly because although we love to help out, it will be impossible to deal with everyone equally. This is a free-standing program, delivered quickly and easily for each particpant to read, interpret and apply for themselves.

Of course if you cannot download something maybe or have a technical request that is causing you a problem, then let us know and we'll sort you out!

There may be opportunities for one-on-one coaching and when this is available it will be announced.

5. What changes can I expect?

The Super Successful Manager!™ materials that you receive are all easy to understand and apply and ultimately they depend on one thing - ACTION!

If, as a member, you do nothing, then guess what the likely outcome will be? Using the material you receive in your weekly lessons will have immediate impact every week.

Regular use of the lesson materials will change your behaviors forever for the good of your career (and everything else in your life, which will clearer as the program progresses).

6. Do I have to commit to the entire 12 months?

No, of course you don't! And once you see the value of the information, the coolest tips, hints, ideas and activities, you will be keen to stay the full 12 months!

For some people, it takes a little time to get used to the lessons, especially as the first 4-5 are a bit longer than the future ones will be.

Remember, it's a mere fraction of the cost you would pay for far less valuable worse products (courses, or books, for example)!

7. How quickly will I notice changes?

This will vary from individual to individual. Let me say right now that there is a  significant value in every  Super Successful Manager!™ lesson.

Some will kick-start their rapid deveopment from the very first lesson - it will resonate for them in just that one lesson.

Everyone will get something from day one. For others, that 'aha' moment might take a week or two to hit that critical spot. Truth is, there will be changes immediately - for some they will be more dramatic in the first lesson - others it might be the third, or the twelfth.

For some of you, it might be that no lesson is a 'wow' moment and yet overall you'll get just the most value from the whole program. 

8. Can I skip a lesson?

Of course you can, if you want to. If there is a lesson that you fail to see the value in, still do it. You will be surprised at what a different spin on something might be.

Even just thinking about a lesson triggers progressive thoughts that it's hard to find out a reason for.

It sits there in the subconscious and suddenly bubbles up! A solution to a long-term issues suddenly finds a solution. This could come for the least inspiring lesson you ever get from me!

9. When will I get the Super Successful Manager!™ lessons?

You will get the first one as soon as the formalities of the signup are completed. You MUST sign up and respond to an e-mail from the server that sends you the lessons.

Then you'll always get the download link e-mails immediately they are due.

It will depend on when you sign up. You will always get one lesson a week, that's for sure (give or take 48hrs either side, in case of emergencies!).

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