Management Development for Your
Small Business Managers,
Supervisors and  Team Leaders,
Just Got a Lot Simpler!

First Class Management Coaching, Training and Learning - at a Fantastic Price!

How much does a day of expert training cost?

Often thousands per day is common (wherever you are from and whatever your currency!), especially when you take into account participant travel and time off the job, venue rental, lunch and refreshments etc. And how many employees does this offer training to, even then?

You'll be lucky to get a trainer to handle more than 16 (20 as a real max. and then they'll struggle!).

If you would like between 20 and 100 licences for your managers and supervisors - even those in development - then there's a special rate.

Here's an example, For a Program that will deliver 4 lessons a month, for 20-100 of your key 'people managers',  for much less?

Small & Medium Group Licences
from just £8.00*
per Participant
per Month

...for 12 months, for 52 Lessons, by e-mail, once a week, for 20-100 of your managers or 'management-people-to-be', at any one time.

Can you imagine how much value this creates, for the cost of just one training day (for the fortunate few) each month. In fact, if you are buying training services, just imagine the value   you are creating, by buying this program!

Why is it so inexpensive? Well, because we deliver it to your people automatically, we give back to you the savings of automation.

Look, we can deliver all this face to face if you like, at a cost similar to that above, to a much smaller group of your important people, just once!

When we do it by e-mail, automatically, you cream off the savings and we get a fee that reflects the value of the program to you.

And, as part of the Program, each participant gets a monthly review to complete, that can easily be used when managing and developing their performance.

It's as simple as that.

If you want to agree more licenses ahead of time, the cost comes down even further (from as low as £1.00* per participant, per month) - checkout the Corporate page.

Contact us now to set up the arrangements you need to have the Program available for your people as soon as possible.

Super Successful Manager! Contact

If you are more than  a hundred, click here for Corporate rates for the bigger numbers. If you are an Single-User, seeking your own mamangement and leadership development, click here, for a great personal rate too!

*Other currencies at an agreed rate based on the £ rate at the time of sign-up

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