Developing Your Own
Amazing Management Skills
just got a lot easier!

First Class Coaching, Training and Learning for you as a Single-User   at a Great Price!

We want to acknowledge that you have taken on a tremendous challenge - and help you too!

If you've ever tried to buy training, the costs can add up. The training itself is often expensive. Whilst taking the time off work, getting there and then paying for your own lunch all add into the expense.

It could easily be £300 just for one hot and boring classroom session, on just one topic!

What about a Program that will deliver 4 lessons a month, for much, much less?  A Program specifically designed to be part of your 'day-job', such that you learn as you go, introducing simple new concepts during your work week!

That's our deal for those individuals who have the courage, focus and above all self-motivation to seek their own development, because we want to help at a price that won't break the bank!

Individual  Licences for just
$17.00* per month

...for 12 months, for 52 Lessons, by e-mail, once a week, for your personal management skills development.

There's integration with the work you do every day, so that you can as you grow quickly and all successes through experience. This really is that easy to put into place.

Why is it so inexpensive? Well, because we deliver it to your people automatically, we give back to you the savings of automation.

Look, we can deliver all this face to face if you like, at a cost similar to that above, to a much smaller group of your important people. When we do it by e-mail, automatically, you cream off the value and we get a fee that reflects the valua of the program to you.

If you aren't an individual, click here  for Corporate pricing and for Small and Medium business pricing, click here .

*For Single-User Licences, payment is always based on this $ rate

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