November 16, 2008

NHS Services and Management Skills – An Oxymoron?

In an article by Widget Finn in the Times Online Business section, the value of key clinical staff in the NHS having management skills is considered.

Using quotes from individuals who have taken the step to move their careers forwards to develop their management skills, it’s clear to see how many of them are beginning to seize the opportunity.

Now that the NHS is 60 years old, it might seem a little slow on the uptake, recognizing that clinicians would benefit fro honing their management capabilities, but this is a, huge, fluid organization which embraces change in many different ways.

As one senior clinician said, “In meetings with managers I didn’t understand the business issues. I realized I needed to learn the jargon,” she says.

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Barak Obama’s Team Building Challenge

Jack Welch writes an interesting column in this week’s BusinessWeek about the difficulties President-elect Obama will face in building his own team.

Welch goes on to say that many of the challenges will be like those facing any senior executive in a new position, with the following three as potentially vital areas to manage well. You can see why!

  • Automatically reward loyalists
  • Hire people who need the work or lust for the prestige of being on your team
  • Focus all your attention on crisis hires

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