November 21, 2008

“An idea is a fragile thing…” – Tom Peters

“An idea is a fragile thing. Turning it off is much easier than keeping it lit. Ideas shine because somebody had them and somebody helped them and nobody turned them off.”
Tom Peters – ‘A Passion For Excellence’

Your people bring with them, into your business, a wealth of creativity. In fact we are all creative beings until some experience somewhere back in our lives snuffs it out with a thoughtless word or two from someone.

If you want unique, creative solutions from your employees, you have a wonderful opportunity to develop that side of their skills.

You, as their manager have the ability to nurture and caress their ideas, by giving them some airtime and freedom to share, explore out loud their thoughts and ‘possibilities’, however crazy they might seem.

It’s time to show them the generosity they need to expand and grow, helping them develop, as well as benefiting the business that you all are in together.

Your people really do have the innate capacity to generate wonderful, imaginative and above all different solutions for you – if you listen carefully and let them.

Managers that show this level of support and encouragement are pretty rare, so the opportunity for you to make the most of those wonderful assets is almost limitless – if you take the time to recognize it.

How you personally handle their brilliant ideas can make the difference as to whether someone’s flame is nourished or snuffed out forever. It takes but a small word to close someone down, never to try again. People avoid painful experiences, so, sometimes it’s easier not to try.

It is an onerous responsibility you carry, yet one for which there is an enormous opportunity to make a difference to that person now and into their futures.

And the value their contribution makes to your business, of course.

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Leaders or Managers – What’s The Most Valuable?

Leadership is a quality, which is undeniably useful for the eventual benefit of the company.

Management is the crucial, integral activity that will ensure it survives today, by ensuring the company delivers it’s operational requirements, thereby ensuring the possibility of seeing a tomorrow at all.

Leadership can be described as ‘that quality which involves innovation, risk taking and exploring of new avenues’ for the company to secure a stable, unchallenged superior position in a competitive world.

From this it could be considered that in a constant and steady state, all an organization consistently needs is solid management skills to survive, without any need for leadership skills.

Leaders in any organization are the seeds sown for health and success in the future.

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