March 9, 2009

No Empowerment – It’s The Manager’s Fault!

Many managers do this without even thinking.

They need to know that they will be far better in their own job when they give their people the ability to decide for themselves the actions to take.

Most decisions that are to be made, when the customer is in your face, demand immediate resolution.

And those who are nearest to the action, are usually the best to be empowered to take the quick decisions necessary.

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Employees Will “Pass The Buck” Without Empowerment

If employees don’t develop the understanding that they are empowered to do what they can with the freedom that provides, they will always ‘pass the monkey’ back to the manager.

That way they can get off making a decision and risk less.

If a manager makes all the top decisions and involves his people as a minimum, they will do as they’re told, collect their regular salary slip and do only what’s asked of them.

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