September 27, 2009

One and a Half Ice Creams

It was early lunchtime.

The outdoor trattorias were slowly filling up as we looked around for a good place, nothing too extravagant.

The first place looked fine, yet despite trying to get the attention of the guy who was placing people (making eye contact, that sort of thing), apart from grabbing him by the arm, he wasn’t paying attention.

We moved on.

The next place was better, we got ourselves seated by a charmer of a guy who did grab us by the arm and we chose our lunch.

As the drinks arrived, we noticed that close by was a much better deal, pizza and a beer for 7 Euros – quite a bit less of a drain on our holiday spending money.

Slightly disappointed, we hung in there, had a nice lunch still with the lingering disappointment that we’d missed a trick.

The guy who had coaxed us in then made up for the price by bringing my wife a small ice-cream cone as an unexpected freebie, as I finished my coffee.

He was redeemed with his half an ice-cream.

Later that evening, I was aware that I’d not had my own ice-cream fix for the day, so after an unremarkable dinner, we made our way across the piazza to the brightest lit ice-cream shop in town.

As we were deciding what to have, the helpful assistant pointed out to me that my ‘medium’ cone, allowed me to have a second flavor on my cone.

Sometimes ordinary customer service is enough – then the unexpected , ‘extra mile’ service makes all the difference.

And even paying that little bit more becomes alright when you get more than you might have expected.

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