October 19, 2009

Finding the Time with Red Circles

Ask any manager and they will tell you one of the biggest challenges they have, is the time that seems to always be filled.

A manager’s life is, indeed, a busy one.

The opportunity is to understand exactly what is important enough to occupy your time, and what really isn’t.

There are vital activities in a manager’s life that often get shunted to the back of the queue.

So often, these are the activities that are the ones that actually are critical to success.

These are activities like coaching, developing individuals and team, planning, relationship building and more of the like.

Managers find it tough to make time for these because there is always so much ‘more important’ stuff to do!

Yet a small investment of available time in each week will make more progress in reducing that level of urgency in some of your less productive activities.

It’s just a question of how!

That ‘more important’ stuff just isn’t that important in the big picture, it is, for some reason more demanding – some might say ‘urgent’ – and it needs to decrease.

So, take out a red pen, check your diary or your calendar, find one hour (you need to be withdrawn from your urgency addiction slowly!) and circle it.

This is your hour for the non-urgent and yet vital times in your week.

In week two, find two hours, with an initial target of 4 hours a week.

The red circles are impenetrable times where you find a quiet spot and get on with the bigger work you do.

Not the impositions on your time that are maybe someone else’s problem; nice things to do; fire-fighting and more.

When you show the courage and focus to make this investment in yourself and your development, you will quickly reap the benefits.

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