January 22, 2010

The Top Ten Benefits of Teams

Teams are fundamental to business and organizational success.

So what exactly are the benefits that a well-organized and productive team brings?

There are many values and benefits successful teams bring to their organizations. pulled together not only by effective leaders, but also by a will on the part of their members to provide outcomes that are the best possible.

Team working can be incredibly effective and much more so than individulas working alone.

Here are 10 reasons why:-

1.    Capacity

Managers can’t do it alone. The outcomes they need are too big for them to do all the work themselves, so they need others to help them. Great managers have teams they fully engage with, to maximize the volume of activity they cover.

2.    Variety

With a range of individuals, they all are different. Different skills, talents and above all in business, behaviors that will engage each other as they communicate with each other. These ‘differences’ are what makes a team so powerful and are a real positive.

3.    Skills

Bringing expertise in the key areas managers need to get the job done, enables every activity that forms part of the team performance, to be delivered to achieve the goals.

4.    Energy

When individuals get together, they generate energy. Teams utilize this energy by accessing the adrenaline that kicks in when people interact, with different ideas and opinions that are strongly felt, defended and proposed.

5.    Collaboration

With a range of skills, ideas and experiences, team members pull together to come up with options that come from the discussions and debate that ensues.

Collaboration is about adding together individual positions to a point where outcomes are much more valuable.
6.    Challenge Up

Great teams work with team leaders as part of the team ethic, yet they don’t just follow along innocently. With the wisdom and confidence their togetherness generates, they ask questions upwards, to help the overall outcome.

7.    Synergy

Individuals in teams bring particular skills and talents into the mix. These have great value, especially when they blend and merge with each other. In teams, as we saw in the foreword, the sum of the parts is greater than just adding together the components.

8.    Individual Drive

The individuals in teams have personal aspirations to drive their careers through the way they do their own work. In these areas, working in a team can be tricky as its output must be ‘for the team’, yet it is a powerful asset to have in the team, when directed by the team leader accordingly.

9.    Experiences

As well as skill, team members have experiences that can be shared, to benefit the team as a whole, to make results much more effective.

10.    Spirit, Celebration and Togetherness

By celebrating, as successes are achieved, bonds become stronger and performance is maximized. The best team leaders take part in the celebrations too – after all, they are part of the team success too!

That’s effective teamwork, much more than the sum of the parts!

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