February 11, 2010

Workplace Relationship Building – Developing Intuition Skills

One of the most important reasons that we spend time and effort creating valuable relationships with our employees, is to get to know them well.

This can seriously enhance your sensitivities.

As we work to understand our people better, we spend time with them really finding out what they are all about. At the same time, we give up a little of ourselves too, to show that we trust them knowing more about us too. This generates a mutual respect and care for each other, slowly and surely.

As the relationship builds, the time we spend with them provides simple factual information about them and we start to feel that we know them and their lives much better.

Because the purpose of our relationship is to better support each other towards our obvious – as well as personal – goals, so the mutual trust between us is a vital component.

That understanding extends further than simply knowing the names of their kids, or where they prefer to vacation. It becomes more than about their career aspirations and their hopes and fears, as well as those areas of their capability that they worry about. Listening as they tell us provides the space and respect needed to help them share some of these difficult areas too.

As they open up to us, we start to build another picture too. A deeper purpose of the ongoing interactions we have is to know them and their character better too. Knowing this deeper – and often carefully hidden – side of them, helps us to become much better sensitized to their every day moods and behaviors.

With that inherent knowledge, we develop that sense of intuition about them to help us recognize those all-important and sometimes almost invisible signals.

Signals that really help us when we get that gut instinct that provides us with much more about them and what they are about right now. More of the ‘who’ they are today, than simply the ‘what’ that comes across when we know them less well.

One of the key reasons about building relationships is that we are there to work ever more closely with our team members, always for mutual benefit. By having heightened senses about what they are feeling, we can work more closely again, by showing them that we notice, even when there is nothing overtly to see or hear.

And when we are able to do that, it’s amazing how the relationship is strengthened even more again, leading to added value to the time spent in initially building the bonds between us, for both our sakes.

Creating new purpose to the developing relationships we are forging closely between us.

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