February 24, 2010

The True Value of More Than Satisfied Employees

Many organizations strive to have satisfied employees – they even create surveys to ensure that their people are feeling OK at work.

Today, in the business environments we now have around us, that’s simply not good enough.

Having employees who are satisfied with working with you is a good thing. In fact, when you see the numbers, many people simply do not enjoy work at all.

It’s no way to live your life, through just existing during your working hours – probably the biggest proportion of hours you spend awake.

Having highly motivated employees is one of the ‘holy grails’ of business. It’s great for the work they do. It’s even great for them as people too – so it’s a great way to have in the workplace you lead.

The great news is that as a manager of your team of people, you can satisfy and motivate them all pretty much on your own. Every action you need to take is within your control, with perhaps the small exception of the pay level they receive, which in larger organizations can be trickier.

Employees who are incredibly focused on delivering the results – and beyond – that you want from your team, are the aspiration of every manager.

Yet even with this knowledge, it’s amazingly challenging to achieve by all but the few managers who have unlocked the door to success.

One reason for this is that many managers simply fail to appreciate the value of turbo-charged employees and the vital difference they can make.

A difference not only to the performance of the business, but also to the pressures and stresses on the manager, as well as the culture that exists within the workplace overall.

‘Satisfied’ people in your workplace has that cozy feel to it. It’s a term used to measure how people feel about their workplace and, to be frank, is an absolute minimum.

However, having a well-motivated team is an energizing, challenging and truly remarkable experience, which everyone who leads others and achieves, will always remember fondly.

Highly motivated employees are a much bigger, brighter way of being, than simply satisfied, so it’s time to raise the bar and ensure we’re working on having a bunch of really switched-on employees, rather than settling for merely ‘satisfied’!

Simply by taking the time to appreciate the ways that you yourself feel motivated and replicating that is a great place to start.

Appreciating contributions that employees make is one way; making time to spend with them one-to-one is another.

Just by noticing a job well done and saying a personal ‘Thank-you’ is another. By treating them as actual human beings with feelings in your team is another.

These might sound like simple tactics to adopt, yet so many managers fail to show these small civilities. By taking just that fraction out of your day, you will start to develop employees who are one or more steps beyond feeling merely satisfied.

And everyone will be a real beneficiary of that.

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