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November 19, 2008

“When we slow down, we go faster” – Japanese saying

“When we slow down, we go faster”
Japanese saying

How can this be?

Logic would suggest that to go faster, we need, well, to go faster.

Yet in life; in work; more pace so often leads to worse performance. Results that are way beneath our expectations and seemingly failing to reward the extreme effort we have put in.

This is partly because as we add pace and complexity, we hit the sludge of our own drag coefficient. We bog ourselves down by a lack of focus and simplicity that always brings steady results. We slow down trying to do too much and that means we are trying to do it all faster.

By trying to do so much and so quickly, we fail to take the care to think, to consider and to plan carefully the very best outcomes that will be achieved if we give ourselves a bit of space.

Like the tortoise and the hare, a steady focus and progression is much more likely to give a consistent outcome, than uncontrolled pace and the distraction that follows.

Some times we prefer to be chaotic and survive it, because, frankly, it makes us feel that we are doing more. That’s driven by an internal need to feel that we are really working hard!

Slower pace feels like we are coasting and that can feel uncomfortable in many cultures.

If you ever try sticking to the speed limit instead of speeding to your destination far too quickly, you will benefit from experiencing more and seeing much more as you pass by.

In the workplace, less haste means that you have the time to notice what’s going on around you much more. That can present great rewards where it comes to building relationships with your people and appreciating what is being done.

It can help to influence your own style, because you made the space to notice more.

Where you can, do less; take your time and focus clearly on less goals. Slowing down, to go faster, has proven itself over the ages.

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