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February 19, 2010

13 Employee Benefits of Being Coached

Taking the time to create a coaching environment for your workplace can take a bit of effort, especially to start with. There are many benefits to managers to spend time on this work and, without doubt, many benefits for their people too.

When employees work with an organization, they look to provide for their families and loved ones in the first instance. Once that’s settles, they look for more.

In coaching environments, there are many opportunities for employees to shine. Their skills and talents are so often hidden from view, that it takes the work and effort of a good manager with those skills to uncover just how capable they are.

Once a coaching culture is created, there are many benefits for employees, so it becomes a no-brainer. To see why, let’s take a look at just ten of the employee benefits:-

•    Develop their skills – bringing out the latent, yet sometimes hidden capabilities that are their potential
•    Build confidence – with new skills, successfully being used, confidence grows and new opportunities open up
•    Learn by doing – enhances the abilities to work at challenges in real-life situations, building self-esteem
•    Feel fulfilled – once more successful, individuals feel good about themselves, taking this into their lives outside the workplace
•    Enjoy their work – challenges stimulate and enthuse, where coaching supports this development, especially in a safe place to take risk
•    Achieve more – coaching supports ongoing development, overlaying one success on the other, where there are no upper limits
•    Get more personal reward – financial rewards come and whilst valued, are often secondary to the feeling of value they enjoy
•    Enhance their CV – development through coaching support builds careers, even from a base where expectations are minimal
•    Become solution-focused rather than problem-focused – anything’s possible, rather than another difficulty in a sequence of difficulties
•    Are pro-active – coached employees start to see this as a process where they can coach themselves too, without support, so fix problems with their new found confidence
•    Ask less of you – because so often now, they can do it for themselves, contributing constructively, rather than being a burden
•    Succeed – which breeds more confidence, more challenges undertaken and then more success – a virtuous circle
•    Go home each night in a great frame on mind – and share their feelgood with their loved ones, enhancing family life too

So, with that comprehensive list of key benefits from a coaching environment, your employees are likely to be raring to go.

If you were not a manager with a coaching leaning in the past, perhaps you might be encouraged to take a closer look now!

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