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December 12, 2008

2 Key Business Management Skills To Build Trust

If you trust others in your team, they will trust you.

A manager must develop an ability to trust others and create an environment of trust throughout the workplace. Really, it is better to assume the trustworthiness of employees to start with, rather than waiting for them to earn it.

Team members find it much easier to trust their manager if they feel trusted themselves.

Being honest In everything will build trust more.

Being open and honest is a key ingredient for generating trust. When you are open about your vision, actions and intentions, you will usually generate strong support.

Both good and bad news should be openly shared, reducing gossip and internal politics.

By admitting mistakes and not trying to cover them up, shows any manager to be a normal human being, just like everyone else!

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December 5, 2008

Key Business Management Skills To Build Trust

Every successful manager must trust their team and have a good relationship with employees. When there is trust and support from the manager, employees perform better.

Employees never feel comfortable under a boss who doesn’t trust them or whom they don’t trust.

In the absence of mutual trust productivity falls as the employees get into politics, covering their backs and other counterproductive activity.

Not trusting each other will affect morale, which leads to a deterioration in customer satisfaction as the focus shifts from the business needs to internal wrangling.

One of the most vital components is being able to effectively communicate. A manager must communicate well to build strong relationships with their people.

In difficult times, employees might think no news as bad news, so a manager must keep in close touch. Lack of communication reduces trust; being open with information creates it.

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