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November 2, 2009

Confidence – The Holy Grail?

Giving your employees confidence is absolutely crucial in assisting them to reach their potential at their jobs, because having confidence probably affects job performance (and thus satisfaction) as much, if not more, than any work component.

Having the confidence to do the job well also makes a significant difference to turnover rates and absence, particularly in highly stressful roles. So, it’s a great skill to develop!

There are some great ways to help build the confidence of your people and you are able to deliver them all! Here are six easy ways you can build confidence in your team members – why not try one or two this week?

1. To start with, by offering them effective training opportunities before they begin their jobs, they will be able to hit the ground running and feel good about themselves and their contribution from the start. When you are able to continue to offer relevant training to challenge and expand the capabilities of them, their confidence will soar as they grow in their job!

2. As a manager, giving constructive feedback is very helpful to your employees, whether it be how to do a particular task in a more efficient way, or just encouraging them on a job well done and how they might be able to complete a task even better in the future.

3. And to really boost their confidence, it’s as easy as noticing what they have done, taking the time to say ‘thank you’ and commenting positively on their accomplishments from time to time.

4. Where appropriate, offering specific incentives – prizes even – is another great way to develop employee confidence further as well as enabling your team to have some fun along the way as well!

5. As a precursor to building confidence, every one of your employees needs to feel comfortable doing their job. When they feel insecure at all, they are less likely to do the task well and failing will only cause a loss of the confidence they have built.

6. When you are a manager and you have a team under you it’s vital to be approachable. You will encourage your people to take ownership of their work and feel some pride in doing their job well, without the fear that they are going to feel inadequate if things don’t quite go to plan. If they are intimidated by you, they are unlikely to be as productive because they will fear trying new things out. Those very new tasks that when they are successfully accomplished, will rapidly develop their confidence and encourage them to try more.

Employee confidence is probably the most essential asset to the success of your team. When your people feel confident, they do their jobs much better, are prepared to take on new challenges and above all, enjoy the work they do with you, building loyalty and commitment, which these days, are very valuable commodities in themselves.

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