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December 1, 2008

Time Management A-Z For Anyone!

Allow time for keeping your desk tidy

Build large projects up slowly, with one doable task at a time

Choose your team members effectively

Delegate everything that someone could do at least as well as (if not better than) you

Exercise for 30 minutes every day (sharpens brain activity)

Find people who are great at the jobs you hate and let them have fun!

Gather all the information you need before you start a project

Handle each piece of paper only once

Introduce flexible working and lead from the front – do it yourself too

Jump around tasks much less – do one thing at a time

Keep some time for yourself each day, just to chill

Lock your door when you want to concentrate

Meetings must be focused and produce value for everyone

No” always creates space in your day

Open up delegated tasks by telling them ‘what’ you want and leaving them alone to work out ‘how’

Prepare a contingency plan when things don’t work out

Quit doing anything that is not 100% effective (or value-creating)

Recognise and reward the good work of others

Set SMART goals

Talk less, listen more

Unclear communication wastes more of your time than anything else

Take holidays without fail

Worrying never did anyone any good

Xerox ideas from anywhere and use them where you can

You must learn what’s important and what isn’t (not always what you think…)

Zero in on whatever (or whoever) wastes your time

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