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November 19, 2009

Managers Are Sometimes Great!

Many times when I work with managers, I work pretty hard to help them see the influence they can have with their employees.

Most often, they respond positively and it’s good to see that their learnings back in the workplace – they are often extremely perceptive of what’s needed – are readily going to be applied.

Whilst my work may not be quite done at that point, there are some seeds that have started to sprout.

It’s always good to be able to recognize that the 25 years of experience I had as a manager is understood by those I work with, in their enthusiasm as they leave the workshops!

Enough of me!

You see, so often I experience management that really does not make the grade, observing managers who fall short in the behaviors they demonstrate.

As customers and clients that we all are, it’s managers and their influence that so often creates the experiences that we would rather forget.

Today, I had a really great exception.

In a garden center near Cirencester in the west of England, we settled to our lunch on the restaurant. It was a busy place on Sunday and the queue at the checkout was rather more than I really wanted.

The restaurant manager was manning the till and was under pressure (Tip: Never get yourself on a till point and unable to get off when you are the manager!).

Acknowledging his difficulty (and that the service he was giving was not good enough), he called one of the junior staff to get reinforcements.

The queue eased with help and one of his other team, who it seemed probably should have been on there, finally arrived to give even more help.

‘It’s a bit late now, we’ve cleared the queue!’, he said laughing!

There was clearly a good rapport between them in the way his humorous admonishment was taken with a glowing smile and a laugh too!

Further observation showed that manager to have great relationships with all of his staff, coaching, supporting and encouraging what was mainly a weekend team of students.

The lunch was great (especially the Black Forest Crumble with Custard!).

Observing excellent management in action was even better.

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