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December 26, 2008

Building Trust – Three Key Management Tactics

Consistency is the key.

In the process of building trust, being consistent and predictable is vital.

If your behavioral patterns change from to week to week, trusting you becomes difficult. Your people get twitchy and uncomfortable when plans and expectations change too much.

Be Easily Available.

Your people you! That’s what you are a manager and a leader for!

Whilst there may be times when, for purposes of doing your own work, you need to remain undisturbed, there needs to be a balance. You are the manager and they will need you for specific involvement in day to day activities.

So, be around when they need you!

Maintaining confidences

Employees who you manage must be able to confide in you sensitive information, express concern and share problems.

People need to know that you can keep this confidential when they need you to.

Sometimes these can be personal matters and in such cases this becomes even more important.

Remember, you need to be seen to be trustworthy at all times.

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