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October 11, 2009

Show and Tell – And Stop

Delegation is a very valuable management tool.

It enables a manager to do less of the activities they don’t personally need to do, whilst enabling members of their team to take some of this workload and gain from it.

They gain from the valuable experiences they now enjoy as they explore new challenges and build up their skills, from the delegated tasks you creatively engineer for them – real tasks, suited to their needs as well.

This is a real win-win!

When the task is delegated, there is a fine balance between how intrusive a manager is in the ‘how’ of what they want the task done, as distinct from the ‘what’ it is that the task will deliver.

It’s so easy to overwhelm the person accepting the delegated task when you overlay your personal ‘how’ on them as the only way the task can be done effectively.

So a great way forward is to actually show the individual concerned what the outcome needs to be like – telling them what’s important to you in that outcome – and then let them get on with the exploring the best way for themselves.

When you watch a small child, they learn from you showing them things.

They also learn from those times when you supervise them loosely and they explore for themselves.

In both these circumstances, the time you let them be, is where they will find the most amazing of discoveries.

Your people are just the same.

They need to explore freely for the best value experiences for themselves and in the long run, to develop as very valuable and capable members of your team.

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