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November 11, 2009

Employee Motivation – What You Need to Know

There are many different ways that you can motivate the people in your business.

It is worth trying a few different activities (some formal – others less so), to ensure that you are responding to the needs of as many of your staff as possible.

Another tactic may be to present your staff with a few different motivation ideas and get them to give you their feedback on what they think would motivate them the most. In fact, just asking them will motivate them in itself!

Sending employees to training sessions outside of the business can be very good for them, as well as benefiting your business through better trained staff. It shows your employees that you believe that they are worth investing time and effort in.

You can consider and try out different sorts of incentive schemes in your business, to encourage your staff to perform better. These incentives can be changed every couple of months to maximize engagement and maintain staff morale and hence performance.

Another great way to get employee motivated is to be as open and honest with your staff about the direction of the business and allow them to have a say and give their opinions.

You might not realize this, but they are likely to have given their workplace some thought too and will have useful ideas to share on different aspects of the business.

Being a good listener and being approachable is a very personal way to build engagement and motivation. A good flow of communication throughout your business also helps maintain efficiency and effectiveness too.

Regular staff meetings in which your staff get to communicate openly with you is essential for you to keep a gauge on staff sentiment and for them to share their ideas and feelings with you.

Above all, employee motivation is a great, fun and productive area to spend some time on, collaborating with those involved directly where possible.

Many of the ways to motivate involve little or no expense, and, where you develop this focus and skill will stand you in good stead as you grow and develop your team and business.

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