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February 21, 2010

Meeting Your People’s Expectations

We humans are easily satisfied.

When we are given clues about what we will receive, we naturally will expect it to be delivered.

We have a natural tendency to trust others, until life and its experiences knocks the naivety out of us (oops, does that sound cynical?).

Your employees experience this every day, where they have expectations of you and your organization that might well be pretty minimal.

And you, as their manager, have an obligation to deliver at least that minimum.

In fact, you personally have an obligation to meet their experiences of their employment with you – even if you don’t know what they are!

How so? You might ask. How can I know if they don’t tell me what their expectations are?

Here’s a clue that’s as blunt as I can make it.

You ask them.

See, that wasn’t hard now was it. Once you’ve researched, then you know – and then you make sure you deliver.

That’s if you want to create a motivated team of people who will give their all.

It’s your choice – make it easy for yourself or make it hard.

Have a think and if you need to – see the light!

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