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November 16, 2008

Barak Obama’s Team Building Challenge

Jack Welch writes an interesting column in this week’s BusinessWeek about the difficulties President-elect Obama will face in building his own team.

Welch goes on to say that many of the challenges will be like those facing any senior executive in a new position, with the following three as potentially vital areas to manage well. You can see why!

  • Automatically reward loyalists
  • Hire people who need the work or lust for the prestige of being on your team
  • Focus all your attention on crisis hires

The whole article really is worth the read at

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November 10, 2008

It’s All About Perspective (and Change, and Listening, and…)

So, America has elected a new president and it seems, a very different one at that.

Perhaps because of his ‘difference’, the expectations on President-Elect Obama are high indeed.

It’s usually true that as the ‘new manager’ (well, that’s what being a president is really!), there is a belief that things will change. Of course when you newly arrive, then that’s an excellent time to start.

The risk, when you can clear the decks with new ideas, standards and even people, is that you can alienate those around you whose support and help you need as you aim for progress.

For Obama, this is the American people. For you, it’s the team of employees you need to work with, as you make the changes.

When you are new to a position, it can be easier to make the changes that are vital. When you are incumbent already, you need to take a freash look at your weaknesses and blind spots from time to time.

If you have created good, open and collaborative relationships with your people, you can seek their guidance for those areas where you may be less than effective enough.

Taking time to get to know your people well will work well for you, as it will (dare I say it!), for President Obama.

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