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January 8, 2010

Results – A Manager’s Only Bottom Line

The most fascinating component for any manager is the consistent focus on getting the job done. And the only way to measure this is through the results that show up where it counts…

Let’s get this clear, whether you are in a huge organization, managing a large team, or running your own business with just a couple of employees and your dog in the corner.

Whether you are a corporate high flyer in derivatives with a bunch of hot-shot dealers; or if you run a small engineering business in the backwaters.

If you are a team leader in a not-for-profit organization or a civil servant working to provide employment solutions for unmanageable teenagers, it doesn’t matter.

You are there to create value, however it’s measured. A manager’s role and value to the organization comes only – truth be told – from the outcomes they achieve that can be measured and expressed.

You are there to create the outputs that matter, through your interactions and interventions with the people you lead in your team. That figurehead role you strove to achieve in your career is now focused on the bottom line.

Over the last few years there has been much spoken about the behaviors that managers demonstrate as they deliver the returns on human investment, that’s true – and still the bottom line is the end of the line if you fail to make it happen.

Results are your reason for being there.

Cut to the chase? Well, without the healthy returns that the expenditure on you generates, there wouldn’t be much sense in spending it, now would there?

Indeed, investors who sink their money into the stocks and shares that values your organization as a healthy place to put their own hard-earned, could easily be tempted to put it in a savings account, if the income they generate in your business is not worth more.

Through your actions!

And as a manager, they are your accountability. It doesn’t belong to anyone else you see. As the conductor of your particular orchestra, what comes out of it is down to you. Sure, they are all capable individuals – up to a point – of playing their own instruments.

You will tease from them the virtuoso performances of which they are capable, hidden maybe deep down, you draw it from them!

And that translates into the successes by which you – and they – will be measured.

So it’s where your focus lies, creating the outcomes that you can, because of who you are and what you do. It’s not to be to melodramatic about the results you achieve, but it’s because the very bread on your table depends on it!

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