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November 15, 2008

Communication Skills For Team Leaders – What’s The Benefit? Part 3

When working with a team, top-class communication and collaboration is essential. You need to manage your team well and build team-spirit where you can.

Where new ideas and plans are going to be implemented, let your team know about it in the most timely fashion – if possible, get them involved in the ‘how’ of the implementation.

Another thing you can do is to discuss changes fully with them, so they can voice their opinions and integrate their contributions in how they feel it will be best to work in future.

When you are keen to ensure any communication processes that you have in place are effective, it’s pretty important to adequately source relevant materials to deliver all that you need to.

There can be few managers who haven’t got circumstances wrong at some time in their career. Once it happens you don’t easily forget when a piece of vital equipment fails, or your laptop battery died at just the wrong moment. Sometimes it’s just as challenging when you can’t find a flipchart pad.

On an even more an informal basis, it can be a bit embarrassing when you haven’t got a bit of paper in your pocket to take a note or two down!

By making sure that you really understand that communication skills are your first, middle and last amazing tool in your kit when you are managing a team of people, however large or small, you will enjoy major benefits.

Get this right and you will have results to be totally proud of.

This is your moment, so make a real go of it!

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