February 22, 2010

Using Visioning Activities to Lead to Future Success

It’s easy to get bogged down in the nitty-gritty of your existence as a manager from day to day. Surviving even in the short-term can become a challenge – and that’s on a good day!

But what about making it better into the future? What can you see?

The future is the way forward. Good managers understand that their day job – whilst important – is not just about overcoming the crises and fire-fighting that fills their days.

It’s vital to see the current as a stepping-stone to a future which is more relaxed, creative and stabilized. So many times, it’s easy to say ‘There’s got to be a better way’. The good managers do something about this.

Whilst having a sense of what the future might need to be, there’s nothing like experiencing it, as close to first hand as you can get. This might require a bit of imagination and letting go of current challenges, but it is a refreshing way to understand that things can change.

Grasping, as openly as you can, the possibilities that the future holds for your team is all about experiencing ‘What good looks like’.

In fact, with an element of trust and belief, there are ways that the best managers help their people practically live the dream of their workplace being how they want it to be, to be the very best themselves too.

Visioning is the activity of appreciating fully what you want to achieve, in very sensory ways. It’s about helping your people put themselves in a position where they experience in their mind’s eye, the experiences they would have when they achieve the dream of perfection in their working day.

Being able to ‘see’ where you are aiming for builds a real appreciation of what it is that you expect from your workplace, if it is exactly how you would like it to be.

Now, timescales for achieving this will always vary, depending on the circumstances that you decide to use visioning for – that’s for you to decide.

The key to using visioning techniques is to remember that you will be using all of your senses to describe the future in as detailed a way possible. It’s not just what you ‘see’, it’s what you hear, feel, smell and even taste along the way!

You want to know what ‘perfection’ is and what you will fully experience when you get there.

This is a bit like goal setting with the twist of having a fun experiential playtime too!

You can appreciate why this can be so exceptionally powerful to draw out the most fascinating expectation you – and your people – can have together.

You can work on a vision on your own; together and, if you want really smart, you can use both together!

Visioning is a powerful tool to draw the best expectations from your people for the future that you can build for your team, together.

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December 20, 2008

A Simple Strategic Thinking Process for Managers

Planning and preparing in advance with a vision or purpose is difficult. It is so much easier to just act and take care of the immediate requirements without thinking or planning too much.

And, to be frank, this is as good a recipe for disaster in anything but the very short-term that can be adopted.

Yet if there is the aspiration to improve and grow with operational performance, it is imperative to adopt the benefits of strategic thinking.

By simply asking what is required as outcomes from actions, and what might realistically will follow from them in terms of unforeseen consequences and then the potential outcomes of that, a tighter fit may well be accomplished, bringing the thinking closer to reality.

This will allow thinking and planning with an eye to the outcome and encourage approaching every interaction with a view to the desired result.

It gives a long term focus and not only enables dealing with short term disappointments, but also helps to identify and make best use of leverage opportunities turning situations to maximum advantage, whilst expending the minimum effort.

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